My name is Lisa Klasson and I am the Managing Director of Olitog. I come from Sweden but now live in Switzerland.
I have more than 20 years’ experience in the blasting industry.

My career started in the mid-1990s when I began as an apprentice in my father’s company at the age of 18. I accompanied the blasters and discovered a job that is both independent and challenging. You only have one chance to do things right!

When I was 20 years old, I went off and worked for a year at Schweden Splitt’s quarry in the south of Sweden. After gaining my blaster licence, authorisation for blasting above ground and supervisor certification, I came to Uppland in 1999 and began to work for Broberg Bergsprängningar. I worked for that company for just over five years and during that time, we were involved in several major projects in conjunction with the extension of Arlanda airport. For example, we blasted for runway 3, the F pier (the third pier at Terminal 5) and the long-stay car park. We also made preparations for several roads and provided other services.

After a short break from the industry when my children were young, I started up my own company, Uppsala Sprängtjänst AB, in 2009. In its heyday, the company had 12-14 employees and an annual turnover of almost SEK 40 million. Some of the projects we have done are listed under the heading References.

In 2017, I wound up the business and started up Olitog instead. This was partly to give myself the challenge of working in a new way and partly because, over the years, I had noticed that clients have insufficient knowledge when blasting is needed. In January 2019, I moved to Zuoz in the Romansch part of Switzerland. In this village my grandparents grew up, and when I first came here a number of years ago, I was searching for my roots.

Today, I can't imagine a better place to return to after hectic work periods. Getting here is the best way for me to find peace of mind. By arranging business trips to my valley, I hope to give other people the same experience.

I grew up on the countryside and have always been very interested in animals. My German Shepherd Molly is qualified as a search dog for explosives. In 2018, she passed the prerequisite test of an alpine rescue dog education i Switzerland, which we are participating in 2019–2020.