Rock blasting consultant
bringing people together

Consultant and client support

Olitog will help you to make the necessary contacts prior to the job, discuss different courses of action with you and ensure you are well prepared prior to contacting authorities and sub-contractors. You will handle all contacts yourself while I will be there ready to discuss any issues and provide support.

Tell me about your project

Lisa Klasson

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Rock blasting consultant

I will ensure you choose the optimal course of action and contact all the necessary parties prior to your order. Once work is underway, I will be available to discuss any issues with you.

New market pilot

I will help you if you want to get established on new geographical markets in Sweden or abroad. I will investigate development opportunities, find out what contacts you need and explore the local corporate culture.

Long experience in the industry

Olitog is run by Lisa Klasson who was the owner of Uppsala sprängtjänst AB for many years. Lisa Klasson has also worked as an employee in southern Sweden and in Uppland, for instance, with the expansion of Arlanda airport.

Business intermediary

Using my long experience and large network of people in Europe and North America, I help companies finding customers as well as connect companies with suppliers of the ultimate products and services.

Business trips to the relaxing Swiss alps

Bring your co-workers to the relaxing and creative atmosphere in the Engadin valley in the in most southeastern Switzerland. Let new ideas flow, meet business contacts from Northern Italy, Germany, Austria or Switzerland and take part om some of the many team building activities that the valley offers.

My career started in the mid-1990s when I began as an apprentice in my father’s company at the age of 18. I discovered a job that is both independent and challenging. Using my experiences from rock blasting and running a business, I now have the ability to help companies finding new ways to build lasting business relationships.
- Lisa Klasson